Due To His Dedication To His Profession As A Teacher, This Teacher ‘Turned Down’ Love Island Twice

A primary school teacher has said that he has “turned down Love Island twice” due to the fact that he cares too much about his students and teaching.


true story 😂 my bag will always be teaching children, what I love doing 🤍 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #teachersoftiktok

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In the United Kingdom, Love Island is the most talked-about topic on the internet right now. For many young singles, participating in ITV’s dating program is a dream come true. But for primary school teacher Kit Brown, this is not the case.

According to Brown, who has amassed an enormous TikTok following for his candid videos depicting the daily struggles of being a primary school teacher, the program reached out to him twice, but to no effect. Brown’s films have amassed more than a million views.

A video was uploaded to TikTok with the comment “True story… my bag will always be teaching children, what I love doing.” Automated text from Brown said: “POV you say no to going on Love Island twice because you care more about your career as a teacher.”

With more than 1.35 million views, this teacher’s video has been praised for its honesty and sincerity. One user commented, “You’re having a tremendous impression; that is more important.” A second added: “Your career would be ruined if you appeared on that show. You are too good for that show.”




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