Watch: Uncle Dressed As Bumblebee From The Transformers Surprises Disabled Nephew At Chinese Kindergarten

People are going crazy over a video of a man in China dressing up like a Transformers robot to pick up his four-year-old nephew from kindergarten.

News site Dami Video said that the man’s nephew, referred to as Sensen, was born without a left hand, according to his mother, Chen, a native of Luohe in Henan province, central China.  His uncle told Chen earlier this week that he planned to surprise his nephew by picking him up from school in the Bumblebee costume before the summer vacation began.

It was a complete shock to him when his uncle showed up outside the kindergarten dressed like that to pick him up.

A large crowd of onlookers, including children and their parents, gathered around Sensen as he held the hand of Bumblebee, some filming the two with their cell phones while others just gawked in wonder.

“As my boy doesn’t have a left hand, we try to bring him surprises or do things to emphasise a sense of ceremony in our everyday life,” the mother said. “His uncle loves him. Any toy I tell him that Sensen likes, he will buy it right away.”

The innovative look of the uncle quickly became a topic of conversation that was trending on social media. One Weibo user referred to him as “China’s No. 1 good uncle.”  “I think the boy can brag about this experience until he graduates from primary school,” another user said.

Watch the footage here:




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