Mom Outraged After Daughter Receives Detention Because Her IPad Was Only 93% Charged

A mother was left perplexed after alleging that her daughter was given a detention at school because the battery on her daughter’s iPad was only 93% charged.

The mother, a former teacher, questioned whether anybody else had heard of this “nonsense” as she posted the tale of her daughter online.

Tweeting from her account, she wrote: “My daughter was issued a detention because her iPad, when she arrived at school, was 93%.” “The assistant head, who I’ve since emailed, has set the expectation that iPads be no lower than 97% or pupils will be punished.”  “I’m flummoxed. Has anyone heard of such nonsense?”

An email sent by the mother to the assistant head of the school reads: “[My daughter’s] iPad being at 93 per cent caused no issues in her learning and continued to work for the entirety of the day meaning her behaviour for learning was not affected.”  “I do not want to be one of those parents who questions a school and their behaviour policy but I am struggling to understand the reasoning for such an archaic punishment when technically she has done nothing wrong here.”

She went on to say: “Not having 100 per cent battery is something that is ultimately out of the pupil’s control unless the iPad is constantly on charge.”  “You are inducing unnecessary fear into your pupils which, in my personal opinion, is no way to run a school.”

When the mother posted the story on Twitter, people had a lot of different perspectives to contribute. The regulation was criticized by some, while others expressed the opinion that it was reasonable.





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