Dubai: A School Adopts Recycled, Vegan Shoes As Part Of Its Uniform

Recycled vegan shoes are now part of the school uniform at one Dubai school, which is leading the way in environmental efforts.

The Swiss International School Dubai (SISD) has recently partnered with Thaely Shoes to provide students with unique school shoes made from recyclable materials that are ethically produced.

Inspired by early 2000s basketball sneakers, the ‘Y2K pro’ shoes were designed by Dubai student and firm founder Ashay Bhave, who sought to create footwear that was both stylish and ethical. Rubber, plastic bottles, and repurposed carrier bags are all used to make this unique shoe.

“One of our core values is sustainability and the Thaely shoes are a brilliant example of this value in action – something our students can wear every day to remind them of the importance of their contribution to making the world a better place,” said Alison Roberts, Head of Marketing and Admissions at SISD. “We love the shoes. They fit our relaxed uniform and reflect the values we place in our learning approach and style. In addition, the opportunity to support a local entrepreneur is a great way to instill this passion in our students and show them what is possible!”

For the first time, Roberts believes, the school has decided to include shoes in its list of required attire. “Buying these shoes is optional, but we think students and families will love them,” she said. “In the past, most parents have chosen to send their children to school in other branded shoes and sports shoes. The Thaely shoes are comparable in price to these, and we have secured a preferential price for our families.”

Alison went on to say that the narrative of the shoes would serve as an excellent role model for their kids. “A local student who has created a brilliant product, and a well-constructed brand story and message,” she said. “We think our students are going to love the shoes too – comfortable, cool and doing the right thing for the environment – re-enforces our IB principles and the type of education we offer.”

Recycled shopping totes made from four waste plastic bottles and plantable boxes produced from recycled paper embedded with basil seeds and coloured with waste coffee grounds are used to package each pair of shoes. A total of more than 48,000 plastic bottles and 40,000 plastic bags have been diverted from landfills since the shoes were first introduced.

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