Taiwan: School Mourns Passing Of Beloved Campus Pet Dog

Kele, a stray shiba inu who turned up in a classroom on a chilly day over a decade ago and quickly became beloved by students and teachers at Ansi Junior High School in New Taipei City, passed away this weekend.

After learning about Kele’s death on Saturday due to an illness, Principal Chih Hsu-tai expressed his condolences to the Sansia District community.

Even during her recent sickness, “Kele set an example of how to face death and how to love the people close to you,” Chih said, adding that pupils are arranging a memorial service for her once school resumes.

The school says that Kele became a campus dog in March 2011 when authorities couldn’t find her a home to adopt during a cold spell.

Kele has been a student at the institution for more than 11 years, during which time she has earned the title of “No. 1 campus dog in the country” from the Executive Yuan and has been the focus of a Facebook fan page that has more than 23,000 followers, according to the report.

One of Chiang Tao’s fondest recollections of campus dog Kele is the day she heroically chased away three stray water buffalo from the school grounds.

According to Chiang, Kele taught pupils essential life lessons on a more consistent basis, like the fact that people “aren’t so high and mighty.” She also offered them emotional comfort on a more frequent basis.

According to Chiang, Kele died away quietly on Saturday night. She had been experiencing a steady decline in her condition since she was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor in April.

According to Chiang, when Kele passed away, she was cremated on Monday and then given a tree burial at a pet cemetery. The tree burial included a Buddhist funeral ritual as well as a potted basil plant that was placed on top of her tomb.





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