The Best Money Games And Resources You Can Use In Your Classroom

Providing children with an education that covers topics like identifying different types of money, counting, and giving change equips them with essential mathematical and life skills. With the variety of fake money, games, and movable clocks, as well as other educational materials, you can engage your pupils in a learning experience that is both entertaining and instructive. In the following, we have included a list of the top money games and resources that are beneficial for use in the classroom.

Disclaimer: Our team provides educators with classroom-beneficial ideas and products. Even though the items listed below have been chosen based on their superior qualities, each reader should evaluate each product to see whether it will benefit them prior to making a purchase. We believe in recommending the best product to you, but we ask that you choose a product that you think will be most beneficial to “your classroom.” This article contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Additionally, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

The Best Money Games And Resources You Can Use In Your Classroom

  1. Power Pen Learning Cards: Money
Item: Power Pen Learning Cards: Money

Improve your students’ math abilities and solidify what they’ve learned with the Power Pen Learning Cards: Money. When you use the Power Pen Learning Cards, all your students have to do is choose an answer to get an audible and visual response.

  1. Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register
Item: Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

When learning basic arithmetic skills like addition and subtraction is mixed with the excitement of playing with their very own calculator cash register, children will enjoy studying math in a way that is more engaging for them. This Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register comes equipped with everything young children need to immediately begin playing and learning the moment it is opened.

  1. Pretend Play Money 
Item: Pretend Play Money 

This Pretend Play Money toy may be used to instruct students on the identification of various bills and coins, as well as the calculation of the appropriate amount of change to be given. This set of 150 real-size notes and accurately detailed coins works well with the pretend and play cash register from Learning Resources, or it may be used on its own as a standalone product. It’s suitable for kids as young as three.

  1. Managing My Allowance Money Game
Item: Managing My Allowance Money Game

Children get valuable experience in managing money and saving toward a goal via the use of the Managing My Allowance Money Game. The winner is the individual who has accumulated the most funds for college expenses and who has made the most money off of sales and other discounts. To make purchases, manage allowances, and make changes, kids utilize money in the form of banknotes and coins. Children are encouraged to make judicious choices about their spending and conserving money, and they are rewarded for doing so accurately and thoughtfully. This hands-on game is ideal for teaching aspiring financiers about money, addition, and subtraction, and it can be played anywhere. Kids may get money via experiences that are grounded in the real world, such as receiving presents from Grandma or working at summer camps. Mathematical requirements at the state and national levels are met through Managing My Allowance. 

  1. Money Bingo Game
Item: Money Bingo Game

The Trend Enterprises Trend Money Bingo Game Set has a sturdily constructed storage box in addition to 36 playing cards, more than 200 chips, a caller’s mat, and playing cards. The Money Bingo Game is an enjoyable learning supplement that may be played by an individual, small groups, or the full class. Its one-of-a-kind six-way structure is able to accommodate a broad variety of ability levels.

  1. Money Match Me Cards
Item: Money Match Me Cards

The multiple-award-winning Money Match Me Cards improve abilities in matching, recall, and the identification of vocabulary words and pictures. Photos of coins, ranging from pennies to half dollars, are printed on both sides of cards that come in packs with values up to $0.75. Totals expressed both numerically and verbally.

  1. Learning Mats: Time & Money
Item: Learning Mats: Time & Money

Introducing an exciting new activity that will help kids get started on the path to reading! The practice of telling time and counting money is made more enjoyable with the use of word tiles and colorful mats. Learning Mats: Time & Money package is a great place to get started laying the groundwork for academic achievement. Children are able to practice the following important abilities thanks to the kit: Utilizing analog clocks, they accurately tell time in hours, half-hours, quarter-hours, and to the closest five minute increment. Compare the times on the digital and traditional clocks. Acquire the habit of telling time automatically. To determine the value of coins and banknotes Determine the value of the various coins and bill combinations. Calculate some basic monetary values. Achieve a level of fluency in the ideas of money.

  1. Buy It Right Shopping Game
Item: Buy It Right Shopping Game

Through the medium of engaging game play, instill in students the necessity of recognizing different forms of currency, adding, and correctly creating change. As you make your way around the game board, you will discover the value of money, as well as how to set prices, purchase and sell goods, and so on. The Buy It Right Shopping Game comes complete with a gaming board, a calculator, game pieces, as well as 40 paper play bills and 100 plastic coins.

  1. Money Bags Coin Value Game
Item: Money Bags Coin Value Game

As they compete to be the first to reach the finish line, students gain vital knowledge and abilities related to finances. Included in the Money Bags Coin Value Game are dice, a marker, a spinner for the game board, 100 plastic coins, and play bills.




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