South Dakota: Nearly 300 Teaching Positions Are Still Available

There are still about 300 teaching jobs open throughout the state of South Dakota, even though classes are scheduled to resume in the majority of the state’s 149 districts within the next few weeks.

According to Wade Pogany, executive director of the Associated School Boards of South Dakota, which runs a Teacher Placement Center database where educators may search for employment possibilities online.

Pogany stated that the website now has 309 opportunities, with 11 of them being for administrative posts and 298 of them being for teaching positions. According to Pogany, the majority of the available jobs—65 of them—are in the field of special education, while another 64 of the available jobs are in primary schools. According to Pogany, the present labor shortfall is nevertheless less severe than the labor deficit that was seen in April, when there were 520 posts available.




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