Panama: One Month Of Protests By Teachers Has Come To An End

An agreement was reached on Tuesday by the Veraguense Educators’ Association (AEVE) teachers to end the nationwide strike they had declared in early July in support of the widespread demonstrations against Panama’s skyrocketing cost of living.

It was decided that the school year may resume on Wednesday, which means that teachers will be able to return to the classroom.

Teachers from Penonomé, Los Santos, Herrera, Colón, Chiriqu, Changuinola, David, Aguadulce, and Tolé were among those who welcomed the news that the nationwide strike had come to a conclusion.

As a result of the teachers’ strike and various obstructions, the administration was compelled to get down and discuss eight common goals. Those discussions are still going on at Penonome, which is located in the center of Panama.

When Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, the Minister of Education, refused to offer any safeguards to the teachers, the Veraguas Teachers Association delegate said that he withdrew the document that was keeping the nationwide strike alive.

A letter from a minister pledging to follow through on agreements and provide sufficient care for his colleagues was signed today, but the most important thing is that we have obtained a commitment from the government to do so, said Sanchez. “Today the agreement with the government was signed, but the most important thing is that we received a note from the minister that says they are going to commit to follow-up on the agreements and provide adequate treatment for their colleagues,” said Luis Sánchez from AEVE.

At the conversation table, representatives from a variety of civil society groups and government agencies came to an agreement, and on August 13, a follow-up table addressing agreed-upon educational problems was set up.





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