Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Is Developing The World’s First Virtual Campus In The Metaverse

HKUST, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, has formally revealed plans to establish an online metaverse campus using cutting-edge technology such as virtual reality. MetaHKUST, a new and sophisticated metaverse campus, will provide a mixed virtual reality classroom to all registered students from across the globe. The MetaHKUST of Hong Kong University will host the opening of the new campus in Guangzhou. Let’s investigate the ways in which combining elements of virtual reality with the metaverse might provide a more immersive experience for users on the metaverse campus.

The metaverse, according to Hong Kong University, is an ideal location to be a series of self-sustaining, permanent, and concurrent 3D virtual worlds using cutting-edge technologies including virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain, and many more. HKUST’s Chair Professor of Computational Media and Arts Thrust, Prof. Pan HUI, leads the group at Hong Kong University, bringing more than a decade of experience in both computer science and engineering as well as emerging interdisciplinary fields to the table there.

The MetaHKUST initiative will get underway in September, coinciding with the official inauguration of the new campus. Students and faculty alike at Hong Kong University are slated to benefit from modern technology like virtual reality and more thanks to the metaverse campus. MetaHKUST will provide digital duplicates of real-world facilities while also bringing additional virtual things to both the Hong Kong and Guangzhou campuses. Students may use virtual reality headsets to see data and information placed on real-world objects in 3D to better grasp their studies.

Students at HKUST will have more options than simply a standard classroom when they enroll in this freshly constructed metaverse campus. Students may improve their learning outcomes on campus by engaging in greater engagement with one another via the use of virtual reality. In order to provide the metaverse ecosystem with information that is useful to it, the metaverse campus has made the decision to set up a number of sensors, virtual reality classrooms, visualization tools, and high definition cameras. Introductory engineering courses will also be offered in the metaverse later this year. As a result, MetaHKUST is poised to provide an immersive learning experience to students from across the globe and a comprehensive platform for Hong Kong University to create, innovate, and interact quickly and effectively.




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