Taiwan: American English Teacher Among Group Jailed For Operating Narcotic Factory

MJIB has received a tip concerning two Taiwanese males, Lo and Chen, who were previously detained last year for manufacturing narcotics in Pingtung County, according to the ministry of justice investigation bureau (MJIB). After their release, the guys are said to have set up a new organization in Taitung City and hired an American English teacher by the surname of Lin.

Amphetamine production was purportedly carried out at Lin’s bar, which was used to hide the scents and prevent detection owing to its urban setting. It was also felt by Lo and Chen that Lin’s work as a teacher would not draw unwanted attention to himself.

This caused the MJIB to form a special task force to investigate Lin’s movements between the bar and the drug-making equipment warehouse. Lin is also suspected of participating in the transportation of narcotics and equipment.

Authorities searched the bar and a container warehouse where semi-finished goods were stored on March 11. The search warrants were executed. After breaking through a second-floor window, the task team located the group of guys on the couch in the pub.

A total of four suspects were taken into custody, and law enforcement officials recovered 1,159 grams (about 2.5 pounds) of amphetamines, 9,603 grams (21 pounds) of semi-finished goods, and a substantial haul of drug production equipment in addition to raw materials. Investigators suspect that Lo was in charge of the scheme. They have all been charged with violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act by prosecutors in Pingtung, Taiwan. They are now being held incommunicado.





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