San Antonio: Students And Their Art Teacher Unveil A Stunning Tiger Mural

A local educator and her pupils have contributed to the creation of a new mural in San Antonio’s Southtown, which has resulted in an increase in the neighborhood’s overall level of vibrancy.

Angelica Sanchez, an art educator, is attempting to increase the city of San Antonio’s public art offerings. Sanchez has been an artist for her whole life, and during the previous school year, she worked at Davis Middle School as a substitute teacher for the nonprofit group Teatro Audaz, which is based in San Antonio. Because of this, she was able to participate in the San Antonio Independent School District’s summer school program at the beginning of the summer.

Sanchez led a two-week program at Bonham Academy where she educated pupils about murals, street art, graffiti art, and artists like Banksy.

The pupils also gained an understanding of the historical precedents for forms of contemporary art such as graffiti. The painting added a historical touch since its design was inspired by traditional Otomi embroidery, a motif seen in Mexican artwork from the Hidalgo area. Sanchez claims that the design, which features the Bonham Academy tiger mascot and incorporates Otomi style, was a collaborative effort between her and the faculty there.

According to Sanchez, the pupils completed the task using spray paint and a color-by-number technique.

She says you may find the mural across from Bonham Academy’s playground in the Southtown Arts District. Sanchez said that she is thrilled for children to be able to appreciate the painting during their free time as the new school year starts.

Sanchez has said that she would be collaborating with art educators all throughout San Antonio to assist them in painting murals on their respective school campuses.

On Sanchez’s Instagram account, art admirers and supporters may see his artwork and learn more about his contributions to the local art scene, such as hosting a community paint day.




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