Czech Republic: Teacher Unions Are Demanding A Pay Raise Of 15% By The Year 2023

Frantisek Dobsik, the head of the school workers’ trade union, said yesterday that the demand is a reaction to growing costs, the drop in real earnings, and the economic development prognosis. The demand is for the government to spend 15 percent more on the salaries of teachers and non-teaching staff in the next year, he added.

An increase of fifteen percent will result in an additional expenditure of 18 billion CZK. “Our goal is to add the biggest possible part of it to base pay. We will start negotiations about it,” said the union’s deputy chair Marketa Seidlova.

The salaries of school employees who are not teachers were not increased in January; however, beginning in September, their salaries will increase by 10%.

In July, the Czech Statistical Office (CSU) reported that year-on-year inflation reached 17.5 percent. This information was based on data from the previous month. The most recent projection made by the Ministry of Finance projects that consumer costs would go up by 16.2 percent on average this year and by 8.8 percent the next year.

In comparison, the average gross monthly pay in the Czech Republic was 37,839 CZK in the previous year. This number increased to CZK 49,166 during the first half of this year, as shown by the webpage.

1 Czech Koruna equals 0.041 United States Dollar




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