Hungary: Thousands Of People Protest In Support Of Teachers’ Demands For Increased Pay

In support of Hungary’s educators, who are struggling with low pay and bad working conditions, around 8,000 people demonstrated their solidarity with them in Budapest.

According to the teacher’s union PSZ, young teachers are surviving off a monthly income of roughly €500 after taxes.

It will be more difficult to make ends meet on this sum when the country’s inflation rate approaches 14 percent.

At the rally that took place on Friday, hundreds of people yelled various slogans, such as “free country, free education” and “strike is a basic right.”

There is a scarcity of teachers in Hungary as well, with an estimated 16,000 open posts now available.

When schools in Hungary resumed classes earlier this week after their summer vacations, a number of the country’s educators were absent from their jobs temporarily.

In response to the rising movement, the authorities said that they are unable to satisfy the requests of the educators until they get access to the monies that are now being held by the European Union. Corruption fears have caused the group to freeze the €5.8 billion COVID-19 recovery fund.




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