Teacher Bullied And Fired For Being “Too Sexy” For The Classroom

Patrice Brown, who is 33 years old, said that the headteacher at the school she attended in Atlanta had a problem with her wearing skin-tight skirts and leggings that hugged her hips.

In 2016, photographs showing Patrice teaching a classroom full of young children while wearing skintight pants and shoes with a leopard print pattern went viral; as a result, the internet quickly began to refer to her as #TeacherBae.

Patrice argued that her outfit was well within the “vague” criteria that the city had established for teachers’ attire.

However, six years later, she was reportedly fired from her teaching position because the headmaster thought she had an appearance that was inappropriate for the classroom since it was considered too sexual.

She said the following to the New York Post: “I’d always go to work and take pictures of myself in the classroom setting, showing off how much I love my profession and looking beautiful while teaching kids.

“Teachers are often bullied [for their looks] by the administration, parents, other teachers, and in higher grades, the students.

“What teachers are wearing should not be the focus. The focus should be on the kids.”

After losing her job earlier this summer, Patrice reports that she is doing well and has since found work teaching first-graders at a different school.


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