The LAUSD Student Test Scores Show A Sharp Decline In English And Mathematics Proficiency

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced test scores on Friday that showed a significant decline in pupils’ levels of English and math performance across almost all grade levels. The district cited the widespread COVID-19 pandemic as the primary factor driving the results.

The number of LAUSD students reaching or above state requirements in English fell by roughly two percentage points, from 43.9% to 41.7%, on the preliminary Smarter Balanced Assessments, compared to the pre-pandemic 2018-19 school year. In terms of mathematics, the decline was more dramatic, going from 33.5% to 28.5% after a reduction of five percentage points.

According to the statistics, the percentage of pupils who met or exceeded the English standard decreased across all grade levels, with the exception of eighth grade, which showed a tiny gain. The largest decrease occurred in the 11th grade, which saw a loss of 7 percentage points. The number of students in third grade dropped by 4.5 percentage points, while the number of students in fourth grade dropped by around four points.

Every grade level had a decline in math scores, the largest of which was the 9.7-point loss seen in the 11th grade, which saw scores fall from 28.6% to 18.9%. Both eighth-graders and sixth-graders had a reduction in scores that was approximately six points.
The test results will be used to drive “instructional planning and individualized learning so that all kids gain competence,” according to the district authorities, who have said that the Strategic Plan includes a range of initiatives to address the learning loss that has been caused by the pandemic. These efforts include the employment of extra teachers, the provision of additional training opportunities for instructors at the schools with the greatest needs, and the use of the test scores.




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