Cardi B Donates $100,000 To Her Alma School In The Bronx

Cardi B, a popular rapper, recently gave her alma mater in the Bronx a generous donation of one hundred thousand dollars. This came as a major surprise to both the students and the teachers.

At I.S. 232, the rapper joined New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks and K. Bain, creator and executive director of Community Capacity Development, to surprise kids and staff members as part of the celebration of the opening of the new school year.

Cardi B made an uplifting speech in which she discussed the significance of her public school education to her life as well as the significance of putting in a lot of effort while still in school in order to accomplish your goals.

After that, she surprised Principal Desiree Resto with a contribution of one hundred thousand dollars.

Following the completion of the announcement, Cardi B took part in a question and answer session with the students and also posed for a group shot with the students and the staff.

CCD had arranged a week-long trip with Cardi B to convey the message of human rights work, and one of the stops on the tour was at I.S. 232. The artist also traveled to a number of venues in Brooklyn and Queens.




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