Florida Ranks 48th, Not 9th, In Teacher Pay

This past month, the Florida Republican Party mislead people who use social media by stating, in postings on its verified Twitter and Facebook pages, that the state is among the best in the country for teacher pay. This statement is untrue.

According to a statement published by the party on September 7th, “When Governor DeSantis took office, Florida ranked 26th in the nation for teacher pay, and today we are 9th.” “Every year he fights to ensure Florida teachers get the support and funding they need.”

Nevertheless, data on salaries throughout the country contradicts those statistics.

According to Business.org, Florida has the 48th worst teacher pay, just behind Virginia and Arizona in the rankings.

The national average income for teachers is $65,090; the average salary for teachers in the state of Florida is 4.6% lower than the national average salary for teachers.

The states of Pennsylvania, California, and New York come in first, second, and third, respectively, when it comes to paying teachers the most.




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