Classroom’s “Big Brother”: Face-Recognition Software Is Now Being Used In A Chinese School To Point Out Students Who Aren’t Paying Attention

The progressive deployment of technology that recognizes students’ faces in schools across China has shocked not just the people who live there but also people all over the world. The idea behind employing facial recognition technology in the classroom is that it will allow teachers to more accurately measure the extent to which pupils are paying attention to the material being presented.

In each classroom, there is a set of three cameras that are positioned just over the blackboard. These cameras are used to monitor student activities. The cameras are set up to record each time a pupil either raises their hand or gets up to leave their seats during a class. Additionally, the facial recognition software will send a warning to the computers of the teachers if the students seem to be distracted.

The People’s Daily, a prominent journal in China, sent a reporter to the school to chronicle the event, and the video that accompanied the article has since become very popular on Twitter. The video provides a high-level overview of how the school is using face recognition technology.





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