Authorities Strike a Blow Against Illegal Drug Activity at Hudson High School in Wisconsin

Authorities Strike a Blow Against Illegal Drug Activity at Hudson High School in Wisconsin

On Thursday morning, a drug warrant was executed at the Hudson High School in western Wisconsin, where students were suspected of engaging in illegal drug activity. According to the St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office, deputies found a large quantity of drugs during the raid. This included 199 THC cartridges, 19.95 ounces of THC flower, 22 mushroom psilocybin edibles, and $9,945 in cash. Several students, primarily those aged 17 and up, have been suspected of being involved in the drug trade, which allegedly took place on school grounds during school hours beginning in the summer of last year. An investigation is currently underway, according to the district administration, and expulsion is a possible outcome.

The full school statement is as follows:

On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Hudson High School administration learned of alleged drug distribution and use by students at the High School. The school administration, in coordination with Hudson Police Department and St. Croix County Drug Task Force, is investigating the allegations.

At this time, several students may face criminal charges and potential expulsion from school. This incident remains under investigation and may involve additional students. Parents and students are asked to report any information that may be helpful in this investigation to the Hudson Police Department or the High School administration.

The Hudson School District is committed to keeping our schools safe and drug-free. Students alleged to be participating in drug-related activities will be investigated. Individuals found guilty of drug-related crimes could find it difficult to attend secondary education, secure loans, experience employment restrictions, and military service. 

Illicit drug use is a societal problem that requires a community response. We need families to be aware of their children’s activities. In particular, parents are encouraged to pay attention to vapes and the modification of vapes for using THC (marijuana). Additionally, parents can look for a highly concentrated form of THC called “wax.” Wax is one of the most popular methods of using marijuana. Wax is often stored in a Carmex-type container and can look like earwax. Individuals using wax will usually have a blow torch or butane lighter in their possession. The butane extracts the THC from the marijuana plants and produces a wax-like substance. The wax can be smoked in a vape/vape pen/e-cigarette. 

The School District has policies, programs, and staff in place to support students and to prevent drug use and possession on school grounds, and by students generally. The School District will investigate this incident to look for ways to improve its response to identifying potential drug use in school. Additional information will be shared with families as appropriate and allowable. 





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