How Consistent Nighttime Sleep Paves the Way for Kindergarten Success

How Consistent Nighttime Sleep Paves the Way for Kindergarten Success

The first day of kindergarten marks a new beginning for children and their families. Helping first-year students adjust to school requires establishing a consistent nighttime schedule that assures at least 10 hours of sleep every night.

Regular nighttime sleep is associated with improved kindergarten adjustment and academic achievement:

In a study conducted by Doug Teti and published in the journal Pediatrics, it was discovered that children who consistently get 10 hours of sleep at night not only acclimate to kindergarten more easily, but also demonstrate better emotional development, learning engagement, and academic performance throughout the year.

Study Emphasizes Importance of Nighttime Sleep for Kindergarten Transition

Beginning before the start of kindergarten, the study team tracked the sleeping habits of 220 students for four weeks. The results of the study suggest that the majority of a child’s sleep time should occur at night in order to maximize its impact on kindergarten adaptation and performance.

Suggestions for Establishing Good Sleep Habits in Children

“Sleep hygiene” is what we do that impacts our sleep quality, as Teti puts it. He goes on to say that “proper sleep hygiene” for kids means having them follow the same pattern every night, limiting their time in front of screens, and getting them to bed by 9 o’clock.

  • Limit Screen Time: Teti recommends that parents limit screen time, including television, video games, and tablets, at least 30 minutes before bedtime.
  • Engage with Children at Bedtime: Teti recommends that parents be engaged and present during their children’s bedtime, establishing a calming bedtime routine that helps prepare children for sleep.
  • Establish a Calming Routine: This routine could consist of taking a bath, perusing a book, and conversing in a serene setting.

Teti argues that children who have established routines that allow them to get a good night’s sleep prior to starting kindergarten are better prepared for the rigors of school. By adhering to these suggestions, parents can assist their children in establishing healthy sleep habits that will contribute to their success in kindergarten and beyond.

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