‘When You Enter This Classroom’ Poster – Positive and Inclusive Classroom Decor

The ‘When You Enter This Classroom’ Poster is a must-have for any classroom. Measuring 16×24 inches, it is the ideal size for any standard 16×24 frame and is printed on lightweight and low-glare satin finish paper, creating photo-quality art for your classroom decor. The poster highlights the importance of personal growth, self-expression, and nurturing individual strengths, promoting a positive and inclusive classroom environment. It is perfect for hanging between the math chart and the maps in your preschool or homeschool classroom. Moreover, it is a part of a collection of educational classroom posters and charts for teachers, making it a great addition to preschool learning, playroom wall decor, or even as elementary or kindergarten homeschool supplies.

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Make your classroom more welcoming and empowering with the ‘When You Enter This Classroom’ Poster – a 16×24 inches poster that promotes personal development, a positive environment, and fits perfectly between your other classroom decorations!


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