Flash Furniture Adjustable Height Black Student Chair With Black Pedestal Frame

Color: Black

Brand: Flash Furniture

Product Dimensions: 15.25″D x 16.25″W x 30″H

Style: Contemporary

Material: Alloy Steel

Concerning this item: School Chair with Black Plastic Frame, Seat, and Back Slats for Ventilation. The legs of the black pedestal frame can be raised or lowered to fit the user’s height. Chairs won’t slide about on the floor, and there will be less noise thanks to the anti-slip floor caps. Students in grades elementary through high school are recommended.

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These Student Chairs are ideal for the classroom since they can be adjusted to accommodate students of varying heights. The noise-cancelling and slip-proof floor glides of this chair are a welcome addition to any office. The pedestal structure offers an additional measure of stability when rambunctious youngsters are present.



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