Growth Mindset Posters – Set of 13

The Sweetzer & Orange Growth Mindset Posters are designed to boost students’ mindset with eye-catching inspirational decor with purpose. These 15×22” large posters are bold, unique, easy, and FUN to read with focused growth mindset slogans and eye-catching images. Moreover, they are glare-resistant with a special “oil gloss” that makes colors pop without the glare, greeting card thickness of 250gsm to ensure they won’t tear easily. Suitable for middle and high school classrooms, offices, homeschool, and pre-K, these posters will not only enhance the decor but also influence the students’ belief about intelligence every day.

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Boost your classroom walls with the Sweetzer & Orange Growth Mindset Posters, a set of 13 motivational, inspirational, and quote posters designed to influence students’ belief about intelligence every day!