Magnetic Drawing Board

Unleash creativity anytime, anywhere with the RAINBOW TOYFROG Magnetic Drawing Board. Crafted to stimulate young minds and spur scientific discovery, this magnetic board comes equipped with fully enclosed magnetic beads and a built-in stylus pen, offering hours of imaginative, mess-free play. With dimensions of 8.8″ x 7″, it is perfect for travel, easily fitting into bags for entertainment in cars, restaurants, and waiting rooms. Beyond fun, it promotes developmental benefits, encouraging a proper pencil grasp as children maneuver the stylus. The innovative design allows for easy error correction; simply use a finger to erase, fostering a stress-free creative process. Constructed with high-quality ABS plastic, it ensures safe and durable use, promising enjoyment for everyone from toddlers to adults. Embark on a journey of exploration and fun, creating unique designs and enjoying the satisfying click of beads rising to the surface, with the assurance of a toy built for both safety and excitement.

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The Rainbow Toyfrog Magnetic Drawing Board offers mess-free, stimulating play for children and adults alike, featuring fully enclosed magnetic beads and a stylus pen. This compact and travel-friendly board encourages scientific discovery and aids in the development of pencil grasp, making it a versatile tool for imaginative, worry-free playtime.


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