Microfiber Whiteboard Eraser, 4 Pieces

The Microfiber Dry Erase Board Eraser is the perfect tool for keeping your writing surfaces clean and clear. The dual-surface design allows for easy erasure of both chalk and dry erase ink without causing any damage to your surfaces. The furry side effectively erases chalk, while the back side easily removes dry erase markers. Measuring at 5 x 3 x 1.2 inches, this eraser is the perfect size for all your erasure needs. So, it is a convenient solution for classrooms, offices, or home use.

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Introducing the ultimate whiteboard eraser set, perfect for keeping your surfaces clean and tidy. The package includes 4 pieces of fine fiber coarse wool whiteboard erasers, each equipped with long strips of superfine fiber coarse hair for increased cleaning ability and larger surface coverage.


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