National Geographic Chemistry Set – Mega Science Kit

Empower the budding chemist in your household with the National Geographic Stunning Chemistry Set. Tailored for kids aged 8-12, this remarkable kit provides a platform to conduct 45 diverse experiments, ranging from the spectacular eruption of volcanoes and the soaring of rockets to fascinating fizzing and bubbling chemical reactions. Not only does it offer an immersive experience, but it’s also accompanied by an experiment guide featuring kid-friendly instructions, ensuring each step is easily grasped. Beyond the hands-on activities, the kit encourages a deep understanding of the scientific process and the core fundamentals of chemistry, positioning it as an indispensable tool in STEM education. With the backing of a brand renowned for its commitment to education and the planet, parents can be assured of the kit’s quality, educational depth, and overall safety.

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Explore the intriguing world of chemistry with the National Geographic Stunning Chemistry Set, designed for young scientists aged 8-12. From building and erupting volcanoes to launching rockets, this comprehensive kit offers 45 awe-inspiring experiments for hours of educational fun.


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