Play-Doh Handout 42-Pack of 1-Ounce Non-Toxic Modeling Compound For Kids

Introducing a classic and high-quality Play-Doh set, a favorite among children and adults since 1956. Made with water, salt, and flour, and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it’s always of the highest quality and incredibly fun to use. The set includes an assortment of colors, including teal, pink, purple, bright red, neon orange, yellow, neon green, bright blue, and rubine red, providing plenty of options for creating and expressing your creativity. With this bulk multipack, there’s plenty of Play-Doh to go around, making it perfect for sharing and imaginative play. For 2-year-old and up.

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A bulk pack of mini Play-Doh cans, perfect for sharing and encouraging creativity among children of all ages.


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