Rainbow Classroom Decor – Inspirational Wall Art for Kids

The Rainbow Classroom Decor is designed to help teachers and therapists create a welcoming sense of inclusivity and encouragement in the classroom, playroom, daycare, homeschool, and more. It features 7 encouraging sayings that help kids understand that they are important, loved, have a voice, and belong in your room. This inspirational wall art is great for preschool, elementary, middle school, library, learning centers, daycare, or homeschool walls. Sized at 11 x 14 inches, it is printed on quality cardstock with a beautiful pastel color theme and can be hung with or without a frame (not included).

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Brighten up your classroom with the Rainbow Classroom Decor – a 11 x 14 inches poster featuring 7 encouraging sayings that promote inclusivity and encouragement for kids in preschool, elementary, middle school, and daycare!


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