Voice Level Chart Classroom Poster

Teachers and parents, bring harmony and discipline to your educational setting with the LYXDS Voice Level Chart, a delightful addition to any classroom decor. This Boho Rainbow themed 8×12 inch metal tin sign is pre-printed with letterings that outline classroom policies and voice levels clearly, fostering a conducive learning environment for children. Easy to mount on the wall, it serves as a constant visual reminder for kids to regulate their voice levels, promoting a respectful and attentive ambiance. Made of durable metal material, it is designed to stand the test of time, serving as a reliable tool for classroom management. Whether you are decorating a classroom or setting up a learning space at home, this LYXDS plaque becomes an essential component, merging functionality with aesthetics to foster an environment where children can flourish academically while adhering to respectful voice levels.

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Help maintain a harmonious classroom atmosphere with the LYXDS Voice Level Chart, a Boho Rainbow themed metal tin sign perfect for laying down classroom policies and rules. This durable 8×12 inch sign, designed for teachers and parents, facilitates effective classroom management through clearly defined voice levels, fostering an environment conducive to learning.


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