Watch: Deer breaks into Elementary school in Springfield

Video posted to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s Facebook page showed a deer, which was identified as a whitetail buck, standing in the middle of a soiled classroom at Westside Elementary School in Springfield, Tennessee.

The wild deer had managed to squeeze its way through an emergency door without breaking it and got trapped inside the classroom, according to Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Officer Kaleb Stratton. 

Stratton headed out to the school just before 7 a.m. to help guide the deer out of the building. Minus a few overturned tables and chairs, no damage was done to the school. He said it was fortunate they were able to find the deer before more staff or students arrived. It’s mating season, also known as rut. “Bucks can be really crazy around this time of of year,” Stratton said. “They’re not trying to be mean. They’re just wild animals.” The deer had a small scrape on its back from the ordeal but was otherwise unharmed. It was also missing an antler, but Stratton said they found no sign that it lost it in the scuffle.

Watch the full video and see what happened:






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