Watch: Castleberry High School investigating viral video of student attacking teacher, making racist comments.

Officials in Castleberry High School are investigating after a video of a white student yelling at and hitting a Black teacher went viral.

The video, which was filmed at a school in the Castleberry district, was posted to Twitter on Nov. 19 and has since garnered thousands of views. It’s not clear what date the incident occurred.

The video shows the student slapping the teacher’s arm. Then she appears to call her mom and make racist comments about the teacher.

The teacher is seen shaking her head as she walks around the front of the desk and is heard saying, “You touched me. I did not touch you.” The woman then walks to the door of the classroom.

Castleberry High School officials released a statement saying they’ve notified law enforcement about the situation and will be conducting its own investigation as well.

The student is facing a three-day suspension, with more punishment possible.

The mother of the Texas student has spoken out about her daughter’s behavior. She told WFAA her daughter is autistic, bipolar, and battles depression with anxious distress. Furthermore, she told WFAA she doesn’t know where she learned the offensive language from. She said they don’t throw racial slangs ever in her household. She added that she’s had more than ten meetings with district leaders trying to get her daughter moved into special education classes.

Watch the full video and see what happened:

A viral video that showed a female student yelling at and hitting a teacher in the Castleberry school district.





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