Study Reveals New Texas Teachers Leaving The Job After Just 1 Year

According to the 2020-2021 Texas Teacher Workforce Report, nearly 50% of teachers resigned after the first year.

A recent study shows that new teachers in Texas are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate after the first year. This is a problem that educators are adding to the staff shortage that the district is already facing from the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, in the first year of the teacher, we see a lot of burnout,” he said. Houston Teachers’ Federation 2020-2021 Texas Teacher Labor Report, it turns out that almost 50% of teachers quit after the first year.

Lamar CISD recently had a first grade teacher send a viral video for recording. “I want to be fired at this point. If I had to stay here, I would literally hurt myself,” said an unnamed sixth-grade teacher at Harry Wright Middle School.

After that, the teacher took a leave of absence. The district sent a statement condemning the teacher’s comments.

Anderson says he will shed light on the bigger problem. “I got a call from a teacher asking how to get out of the contract without penalty.”

She says there are several factors that contribute to the deficit. One is the lack of teachers and staff due to covid.

“This really creates difficulties. Teachers there need to double the classes to cover additional classes,” Anderson said.

Another thing she says is payment. “One of the things they have to do is start compensation. If you have to do a couple of jobs to achieve your goals, you will burn out. As an educator for 33 years I can tell from my experience.”

It has been reported that Texas’s average teacher salary from 2011 to 2019 increased little or no.

“We need to seriously consider the renewal of education and what is expected and needed,” Anderson said. She says the shortage has a direct impact on the classroom, “the conclusion of this is that our students are suffering.”




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