Watch: Students’ Reaction As Teacher Tells Them She’s Engaged Is Too Wholesome

This video posted on Instagram shows how some students reacted when their favourite teacher broke the news of her engagement to them.

Every student has that one special bonding with some teacher that they will never be able to forget in their lives. This video was shared by one such teacher and shows some of her favourite students. In it, viewers can see how she broke the news of her engagement to them and the video is simply a delightful watch.

The video opens to show that the teacher is sitting in a classroom while some of her students are just hanging around – sitting or standing. Soon enough, she lifts her left hand and shows them her ring finger and that there is finally a ring on it, after years of being with her partner. Her students’ reaction when they see that she is finally engaged, is simply out of the world.

At first, one student looks at the ring and is so shocked that he simply moves a few steps back and is unable to say much for the rest of the video. This is the situation with pretty much every student other than one girl. She expresses that she is almost going to cry at this moment out of sheer happiness. “They waited so long for this,” reads the caption of this video.

Since being posted on Instagram around six days ago, this video has already received more than 10,500 likes. It has also received several comments from people who couldn’t stop admiring this beautiful bond that the students have with their favourite teacher.

“Invite them to the wedding,” posted an Instagram user, followed by heart-eyed emojis. “Aww. You are loved! Not just by your man, but by your students, too! Congratulations,” complimented another. “I love how they are clearly just chilling with you,” pointed out a third.

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