This Teacher Was Surprised By A Straight A+ Student Who Asked To Give His 5 Bonus Points To Any Peer With The Lowest Test Score

Image credits: Winston Lee

Recently, Lee, a history teacher from Kentucky, shared a test with a heartwarming note written by one of his students. “Our students, though often faced with difficult circumstance, never cease to amaze. They too, can be hard-working, caring, and good,” Lee said. 

The high schooler, who is a straight A+ student, asked the teacher to give his 5 bonus points to the student in his class who scored the lowest on the test. While the student had a chance to gain 99 points on the test, by giving away his extra points he decided to show kindness to someone who needed them more than he did. “The guy is awesome. We’ve had huge political debates in class this year (we keep it friendly), and my man always has some awesome, intelligent input,” the history teacher said.

“Students had played an interactive review game the day before, playing along on an app in attempt to score points by answering questions concerning the exam content. Of course, he killed it, earning him 5 bonus points for the WWII exam.”

Lee was left in awe by the boy’s selflessness: “Most honor students cling to every point possible!”

The teacher decided to honor the student’s request. This act of kindness actually helped the boy’s peer to pass the test. “No doubt a peculiar situation, but the points are his and he wishes to kindly gift them to someone else. Honored and granted! Another student scores a 58% (needs a 60% to pass). Boom, now a 63%,” the teacher said.

“She was grateful for the mystery points and I pray she pays it forward. As is the ultimate lesson on the day. Ah, other questions to mind, “correct classroom procedure?”, I’m not sure. “Is being led by compassion, kindness, and love, ever considered a wrong answer?”. Oddly enough, the student has taught the lesson.”

While many people praised the hard-working student for his generosity, others didn’t think the teacher made the right choice. After all, the test scores are supposed to reflect the student’s knowledge and should not be given away freely, some of them have said. Let us know what you think.




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