Innovation Meets Tradition: Minax’s Primary School in Fengxi

In Fengxi’s new primary school, by Minax Architects, a multiplicity of school functions was integrated into a continuous linear volume, whose perspectives – horizontally extended – give to the building a clear identity.

The project divides the site into open sports areas and enclosed courtyards. All the masses were placed according to the interrelation of their functions, developing a basic  compositional logic. The space, designed in this ways, carries on a new kind of connection by the way of dimensional transformation.

The roof is the most iconic element of the project and creates a unique image of the facility while hosting more teaching activities. Between the courtyards, a set of circular corridors bring dramatic changes to the spaces. The courtyards are built with an alternation of scale and dimensions, creating a playful and joyful atmosphere.

According to Minax Architects, “teaching and educating autonomously happen in this change and communication. […] All students’ behavior could be better merged with the environment and buildings, boundaries are broken, and imagination is released”.

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