Teacher Reveals Hack To Make Sure Kids Never Interrupt You Again – Using A Common Piece Of Jewelry

A Teacher has claimed she’s come up with a “game changing” way of ensuring children never interrupt her.

Whitney took to her TikTok page to let others into the secret of her “no no necklace”, as she explained: “When I wear it, it means that my students cannot talk to me or cannot interrupt me.”

Adding that the necklace is “magical”, she continued: “It means no no, I’m off limits… I wear it at my small group table, they know they cannot come up to me, or I wear it when I’m doing something super important and I just need a minute.”

Sometimes, Whitney’s students even point out that she’s not wearing the necklace, at which point she “scrambles to put it on”.

“It means no no, I’m off limits. It’s red, red is stop,” she added.

“Get a no no necklace – it’s a game changer!”

However, despite Whitney hailing the power of the no no necklace, some people were quick to criticise her for using the ploy in her classrooms.

“Your job is to be with your students,” one person commented. “During school hours you should never be off limits.”

“If my elementary school age kids teacher had this I would complain. I don’t think that’s appropriate,” someone else wrote.

Others insisted she’d come up with a brilliant hack to help with inquisitive children and their constant questioning.

“Love this…it’s to keep the kids working independently instead of coming to tell you it’s their moms friends dogs birthday !!!” one person wrote.

“The ppl who think the necklace is the problem are the same parents who don’t teach their kids boundaries,” another added, while someone else concurred: “I do this with a plastic tiara.

“They know that they ‘cannot disturb the queen’.”


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