In Indiana, A Fourth-Grade Teacher Owns A Satanic Temple

In Indiana, a fourth-grade teacher held a second job as the head of a Satanic Temple.

Jessica Klikas is an elementary school teacher in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In the school’s employee directory and on the Southwest Allen County Schools’ district website, she is identified as a teacher. She is a fourth-grade teacher at Southwest Allen County Schools, according to her LinkedIn profile, where she has worked since 2019.

Meanwhile, according to Indiana Secretary of State documents, Klikas also controlled The Satanic Temple Indiana, as revealed by REAL News Michiana.

According to the paperwork, she founded The Satanic Temple Indiana, also known as Porta Infernum (Gate of Hell) LLC, in 2019, a month before starting employment as a fourth grade teacher. According to the data, the LLC was dissolved in March of 2020, just around the time COVID-19 lockdowns began around the country.

According to its website as well as Twitter and Instagram feeds, the temple appears to be fully operational.

According to REAL News Michiana, Klikas was also featured in multiple postings on The Satanic Temple Indiana’s Instagram page, but those photos have since been deleted.

The school system published a statement in January supporting Klikas’ employment.

“We do not ask our teachers, or any employees, about their religious beliefs,” read an email from Southwest Allen County Schools’ Director of Human Resources, REAL News Michiana reported. “Per our School Board Policy, ‘The Board of Education of SACS believes that all persons ought to be free to follow their own religious beliefs, without government interference, according to the dictates of their own consciences and in accordance with law.’ As a public school corporation, our teachers are expected to teach the approved curriculum and they are not to impose their personal beliefs onto their students.”

A Twitter account linked to Klikas was said to include multiple pro-Satanism posts, including one to Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, with a heart emoji. Those tweets don’t appear to exist anymore.

The Satanic Temple Indiana held a donation drive event named “Menstruatin’ With Satan” in 2019 to gather money for menstruation supplies to donate to charity. The Northern Indiana Atheists and South Bend’s Bicycle Tattoo & Piercing also took part in the event.

This isn’t the first time this year that a link between a primary school and Satanists has surfaced.

After parents expressed indignation over the bizarre extracurricular activity, an Illinois school administration defended the primary school hosting the “Satan club.”

The Satanic Temple of the United States funded the “After School Satan Club,” which claims the clubs are a response to Christian Good News Clubs in public schools around the country. The Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline has flyers for the club on display in the foyer.

The group was offered for youngsters in grades one through five. The intention of the clubs, according to the Satanic Temple, was not to convert youngsters to Satanism.




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