Teacher Suspended After Attempting To Represent Prophet Muhammad In Class With An Image Of Osama Bin Laden

During a religious studies session, a teacher was suspended for using a picture of Osama bin Laden to symbolize the Prophet Muhammad.

Last Friday, Year 10 pupils at All Saints Academy in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, were shown a photograph of the 9/11 attacker in class.

It’s unknown why this particular image was chosen.

The majority of Muslims find portrayals of Muhammad or any of Islam’s other prophets to be profoundly disrespectful.

The event was discovered after a “concerned student” raised the alarm, and the member of staff was “immediately suspended,” according to the school.

All Saints Academy Dunstable later issued a statement apologising “unreservedly and sincerely” for the distress the incident caused.

The statement added: “All Saints Academy recognises the deep hurt and distress that has been caused to the Muslim community, and many other people of faith, by the totally inappropriate images that were used as part of a recent RS lesson.”

“Not only was it offensive to attempt to portray an image of the prophet Muhammad, but the image that was used was that of Osama bin Laden, a terrorist leader, which further added to the deep insult.

“The academy reiterates its unreserved and sincere apology for the distress this episode has caused. In terms of actions taken, we are happy to share the following information.”




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