A School In Plymouth Has Converted A Donated Bus Into A Music Classroom

When Lipson Vale Primary School in Plymouth needed an exterior classroom, they got one for free from Plymouth City Bus.

To create place for activities, the chairs were removed and donated to a community center in Cornwall.

“The Lipson Bus” was created in collaboration with the children’s parents, Princess Yachts, Plymouth Argyle Community Trust, and Plymouth Sparky.

Storage cabinets, unique chairs, electrics, lights, a projector, a projection screen, and a Bluetooth stereo are all included.

Lipson Vale Primary School teacher Darren Moore had been seeking for a means to establish a new outdoor classroom.

He approached Plymouth City Bus to ask if they had a secondhand bus to donate because he had no funds.

According to Mr Moore, “The Lipson Bus” became a community initiative, with parents volunteering to lay flooring or paint the walls, as well as local companies contributing to the modifications.

Peter Lewis-Cole, the school’s head teacher, said the students were “ridiculously excited” to see their new classroom.

He explained that the music instructor had been moving to different rooms to teach each session, hauling equipment on a cart, and that “having a home for music was really important” to the school.

“Space is always a premium in schools, especially primary schools.

“We were in desperate need of a permanent home where the children can come and be in a purposeful environment to teach music in, where instruments can be stored in a place that is fit for purpose,” he said.

The bus will be utilized for music instruction, the school orchestra, and every student will have weekly access to it.

Dylan, a pupil at the school who plays the recorder and guitar and is part of the school’s orchestra said: “They pulled it off really well, it’s really cool because it actually looks like a classroom too.”




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