For Teacher Appreciation Week, A Sixth-Grader Constructs A Lego Model Of His Teacher

After recently constructing a Lego duplicate of his instructor, 11-year-old Landen receives an A+ for effort.

According to his mother, Rachel, the sixth-grader worked on the present for four months and used up to 10,000 Lego pieces.

Rachel said that Landen then revealed the exhibit in Collin Seastrand’s class at Meadow Elementary School in Lehi, Utah, during Teacher Appreciation Week last month.

“Landen chose a Lego replica because his passion is Legos, and he felt it would be a good way to uniquely show how much Mr. Seastrand means to him,” Rachel told FOX Television Stations. “Landen says Mr. Seastrand is kind, compassionate, and has helped him personally through difficult times.”

Rachel claimed her kid took a picture of his instructor from Google Classroom, uploaded it to a pixel arts software, and then purchased the individual Lego parts. He also made use of some of his own Legos.

The replica is a three-dimensional representation of Seastrand’s face.

“He always shows he cares about each individual student, and he’s very compassionate,” Landen said. “He’s made a big difference in my life and I’ll never forget him.”

Rachel said Seastrand told her it “was one of the coolest things anyone’s ever done for me.”

“Thanks to Mr. Seastrand for creating a classroom environment where students can excel,” the Alpine School District posted on Facebook

“I think so many people are touched by this story because we all have had a teacher who’s changed our lives,” Rachel added. ‘We can all relate to the sentiment of connecting with a teacher who made such a huge difference.”




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