$50,000 Lottery Ticket Win, Teacher Receives Grand Prize

According to a Maryland Lottery news release, the teacher’s husband purchased her a lottery ticket to cheer her up, and she ended up winning $50,000.

It had been a hard week for Meija, 39, when her husband brought home the $5 scratch-off from a nearby 7-Eleven store. The elementary school teacher has worked for 18 years.

In Maryland’s “Ca$h To Go” game, the couple found out they had won $50,000.

By way of a press statement, Meija said that her husband had taken her ticket inside the shop so that it could be verified. As a last resort, they requested her brother-in-law to scan it on the Maryland Lottery app.

The award will enable Meija and her husband to purchase a new house.

In order to put a down payment on a home by the end of the year, Meija and her husband had been saving money. “Now, we don’t have to wait!”

As a result of Meija’s husband purchasing the winning ticket, the 7-Eleven in Thurston, Maryland, will also get a $500 award from the lottery.




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