From “University” To “Metaversity”, South Dakota State Students Take Classes Using VR Headsets

South Dakota State University is now referred to as a “metaversity,” rather than just a university.

With partners in Meta, Qualcomm and T-Mobile, Victory XR is the world’s leading metaverse education company.

In Atlanta, Georgia, Victory XR was the first to introduce metaversity to Morehouse College.

A metaversity implies that SDSU will soon have a digital twin, a virtual campus that students may attend whether they are on campus or not.

Victory XR has announced that SDSU will be receiving 50 Meta Quest 2 headsets for students to utilize this autumn.

SDSU assistant professor Greg Heiberger said the university’s cooperation with VictoryXR and Meta would enable it to deliver courses in the “metaverse,” adding that SDSU will become a pioneer in VR education.

It will be possible for SDSU to have its campus green, Coughlin Campanile, and other structures and laboratories built to size in the metaverse. In August, Heiberger added, all rooms would be accessible for several courses to offer VR lessons and laboratories.

There are two ways for students to get into the metacampus: either using a virtual reality headset or a computer. They’ll be able to learn about human anatomy, history through a time machine, and astronomy aboard a spaceship while they’re there.

Training will be provided by Victory XR and SDSU’s Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and Instructional Design Services.

Meta Immersive Learning contributed to the partnership’s funding. The Quest 2 headsets and financing for the digital twin buildouts are provided by Meta for the proof of concept on each school.

May will see the announcement of further metaversities.




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