Foe’s Maelstrom Looks To Swallow Teachers’ Boat

According to a recent research on teacher compensation, when inflation is factored in, teachers now make $2,179 less than they did ten years ago, despite the fact that they are still forced to spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets each year for basic classroom materials.

Republican-led states are now regulating what teachers may say in classrooms on race, racism, gender, and other issues, prohibiting educators from presenting the truth to students, while other Republicans are crazily accusing teachers or public schools in general of grooming them.

We’re not enemy combatants, we’re just teachers.  Teachers’ work satisfaction is at an all-time low, according to surveys, including one performed by the EdWeek Research Center for the Winston School of Education and Social Policy at Merrimack College.

States are trying to fill classrooms as teacher shortages increase throughout the country. An effort to bring back some retired teachers in Louisiana for double salary and benefits is making progress in the state legislature. We just cannot have as many vacant classes as we have right now,” state Rep. Rick Edmonds (R) told KALB5, according to the affiliate station. In Louisiana, “It’s a matter of urgency.”

It’s time once again for the annual Parent Teacher Association-sponsored Teacher Appreciation Week 2022!

It was evident this week that we were valued. A number of political figures and others took to Twitter to express their gratitude for teachers in general and to single out a few of their favorites.

Teachers were given gifts as a way of showing their gratitude in certain districts.

A number of educational and other businesses provided teachers the chance to win prizes and gift cards by doing certain activities, such as liking a certain Facebook page or game or by sharing it with another educator.  There was a raffle. There was a lot of free food available. Music was playing in the background. Additionally, there were a few surprises in store.

All professionals want the same things: fair pay, respect, and the opportunity to tell their pupils what they think about their work.

The biggest teachers’ organization in the country, the National Education Association, released its annual compensation report for 2020-21, and the national average was $65,293. States with the highest average teacher salaries were New York with a salary of $90,222 and Mississippi with $6,862. Some instructors, despite the difficulties they were under, remained upbeat.




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