“Thanks For Sticking With Our Class And Teaching Instead Of Quitting” Student Card Goes Viral On The Internet, Teacher Appreciation Week

A student’s emotional thank you note to their English instructor has gone viral on social media.

As part of “Teacher Appreciation Week,” a Reddit user identified as rsantos11 published a photo of a thank-you letter they got from their students, which was upvoted over 30,000 times.

A particular day to honor teachers was introduced by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1953 when she started petitioning Congress for the creation of such a day.

The National Parent Teacher Association (NPTA) changed the date of National Teacher Appreciation Week from March 7 to May 1 in 1984.

During this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week, many educators are feeling burned out and discouraged, and it’s a particularly poignant moment.

Fewer than half of the 1,300 teachers polled in the 2022 Merrimack College Teacher Survey said they were content with their work, while only 12 percent said they were “extremely satisfied.”

Compared to 2012, when 39% of respondents indicated they were “very happy,” the latter of these two numbers represents a considerable reduction. Teachers were asked whether they would encourage their younger selves to become teachers, and 55% replied they wouldn’t.

When educators are feeling frazzled and out of sorts, a little act of kindness may go a long way. This act of kindness arrived in the form of a card from the instructor posting under the handle rsantos11.

The anonymous instructor recalls receiving other presents, such as chocolates, coffee mugs, and gift cards, but the note, which can be seen here, was the most meaningful to them.

This is what it says:


Happy Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

Sorry there’s no money in this card, I’m kinda broke. You pick good books in ELA (English Language Arts) and I even finished The Outsiders.

Thanks for sticking with our class and teaching instead of quitting. If I were a teacher I would have left during the first week.

Your favorite student, 100% REDACTED.

Thanking the instructor for not “quitting” on them and inspiring them to study classics like S. E. Hinton’s 1967 book The Outsiders, the student’s message went viral on the internet and was shared by tens of thousands of people.

“This child understands it,” wrote Lameduck0123. One of Fondledbydolphins’s favorite quotes: “I like those who understand that it isn’t necessary to spend money in order to express gratitude.”

Comments from ERSTF were as follows: “More than any gift, I’m sure, that letter brightened the teacher’s day. On Reddit, this is the one.”

As Sew-sarcastic put it, “I’m with you.” “Correct. That letter will linger in their minds long after the Starbucks gift card has been used, the chocolates have been consumed, and the cup has been shattered.”

According to another commenter, whether it’s in school or the workplace, receiving a message like that has a unique meaning.

Workplace rewards for additional effort were cited as an example of this person’s experience. “A hand-written message from our CEO and President has been in my possession ever since. A modest and heartfelt gesture meant a lot to me.”

Commenting on Schrodingersnewcat’s post, Schrodingersnewcat said, “When I showed this to my math-teacher sister, she remarked, ‘Man, what a fortunate teacher. ‘That’s the finest note I’ve ever heard!’”

To add some sobering truth to the sentiments expressed elsewhere, Frodakai wrote: “Shows how horrible the situation of the profession is when your work seems to be truly sucky thus I applaud you not resigning.”




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