Louisiana: House Passes Resolution Enabling State Reps To Volunteer As Substitute Teachers

There is a possibility that students in Louisiana could soon have their local state lawmaker as a substitute teacher. House Resolution 99 was unanimously approved by the state’s legislature on Thursday. It asks that every member of the House serve as a substitute teacher in a public school.

Rep. Patrick Jefferson, the bill’s author and vice chair of the House Education committee, said, “Most of us have been sitting on the bench, and now the coach calls us into the game.”

According to Cade Brumley, the state’s superintendent of education, roughly 2,500 certified teacher openings exist throughout the state. He estimated that 2,500 classes with an average of 20 pupils would be affected by the vacancies, which would affect 50,000 children in grades K-12.

To express his gratitude and to demonstrate his commitment to the cause of education, Jefferson urged the audience to participate in the initiative. Neither the House resolution nor its recommendations have any legal effect. Moreover, it doesn’t need to be approved by either Congress or the governor.




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