Dubai Unveils The Largest Library In The Arab World

This year, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, the largest library in the Arab world, will open its doors. The library has a contemporary design and is located in the city of Al Jaddaf. It has been made to seem like an open book on a rehl (a traditional lectern which holds the Quran). The library occupies a total of 54,000 square meters and is spread over seven stories.

The official Instagram account of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library offered a peek inside the library.

It is expected that there will be nine specialized libraries in the area ‘where you may enjoy reading and nourish your creative spirit.’ In addition, there will be an adult library, a children’s library, an atlas library, a media and art library, a business library, an Emirates library, a periodicals library, and a ‘Treasure of the Library’ library.

The library in Dubai, of course, will provide smart and digital services and will be one of the most technologically sophisticated libraries in the world. Many new technologies are being developed, including artificial intelligence-powered robotics and virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Readers may watch a future and unusual means of book distribution in action. A number of venues, including theaters, exhibition halls, and educational and cultural festivals, will also be available.





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