Boston University Raises Tuition, Citing Inflation

As a result of inflation, Boston University is raising tuition by 4.25 percent for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Robert A. Brown, president of Boston University, sent a letter to the university’s professors and employees on May 6 in which he explained that rising inflation had prompted the tuition hike.  “We are caught in an inflationary vise between the institutional pressures and the impact on our students and their families,” Brown wrote.

According to Brown, the tuition increase does not maintain pace with inflation, cover the expenses of university operations, or provide “full reduction of inflation on the families of faculty and staff.” He also said that he is “mindful” of the impact the increase has on students and their families.  According to Brown, tuition will rise by 3% for the 2021-2022 academic year.  “By far, my greatest immediate concern is the impact of inflation on faculty and staff, our students, and the University,” Brown added.

The president of Boston University also said that the university is “on course” to raise more money than it did in its greatest fundraising year ever last year, when it raised $225 million.




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