China: To Instill The Importance Of Education In A Dropout Student, A Teacher Accompanies Him To See His Mother, A Hardworking Construction Worker

A teacher in central China went out of his way to show his 12-year-old student the benefits of education by bringing him to a construction site where his mother works as a manual laborer.

It was alleged that the kid, whose last name was Yang, was hooked to the internet and had dropped out of school only 20 days before to this occurrence. The instructor felt it would be a good idea to demonstrate to the kid just how difficult it must have been for his mother to sustain the family.

A daily salary of 100 yuan (US$15) was mentioned by Yang’s mother, and Yang responded by saying that it was “easy peasy.” As a result, he took “him to the construction site where his mother works,” the instructor said.

The instructor forced Yang get up at 4 a.m. like his mother and work lengthy shifts hauling steel bars at the construction site. Teachers joined Yang for the day, believing Yang would return to school after seeing the hard job first hand.  “The absence of my parents made me feel very bored, so I became addicted to playing games on my phone. Now I’ve learned how hard my mum is working to earn a living, so I will work hard on my studies and repay her,” said Yang. Next Monday, Yang will return to school.

The choice of Yang’s instructor to highlight the arduous efforts put in by Yang’s mother was met with an outpouring of praise on the internet inside mainland China. Children benefit from practical education, despite the fact that it may seem harsh at times.  One said: “I’ve learned a useful strategy for teaching kids, and someday I will try it. Yet another said: “It inspired me as I’ve been thinking of taking my students to a factory where there is no air-conditioning equipped so the children can experience what it’s like to twist screws.”




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