Japan: Police Commend Second-Grade Boy For Safeguarding Lost Three-Year-Old

A second-grade boy was recognized and commended by the police for his efforts in locating a missing child who was three years of age.

Officers from Hyogo Prefectural Police’s Amagasaki Kita Police Station handed kindergartner and Amagasaki Municipal Tachibana Minami Elementary School student Ruito Murai, seven, with a thank-you note.

On the evening of April 19, according to the police station, Murai discovered a small child standing near Santanda Park in the city. He addressed the child, “Are you lost?” before taking him to a nearby park. Police were searching for the missing 3-year-old after his mother called in a complaint.

On May 25, Tadashi Hamada, the station head, presented a letter of appreciation to Murai, stating, “We praise your brave action,” since he saved a child who could have been injured in an accident.  Murai had the following to say about the situation: “I talked to him because he looked lonely. I want to help children again if I find them in need.”





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