Man Drives Into Berlin Crowd, Kills A Teacher And Injures 14 Children

Six individuals were left with life-threatening injuries when a 29-year-old drove into a gathering of pedestrians in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz neighborhood, killing a teacher and injuring many others.

Over a dozen individuals were hurt, including 14 Hesse high school students, according to a police spokeswoman on site in western Berlin. The automobile crossed the pavement on two separate occasions.

According to Hesse’s public radio, a teacher was escorting a group of 10th-graders. They’re presumably 16 and 17.

The event took place just near to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, a well-known monument in the German capital.  The driver, a German-Armenian, was apprehended after his car plowed through a storefront window.

Several onlookers intervened and he was taken into custody by the appropriate authorities.  More than 100 emergency personnel rushed to the area after the incident.

John Barrowman, a British actor who was there at the event, told Sky News: “I saw a woman being put into an ambulance … it looked like they were resuscitating somebody.”

Nearby McDonald’s, the place was sealed off by a police presence. The onlookers glanced up to see a chopper flying in circles above them.




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